This is a relief from the tomb of Akhtyhotep which shows the man himself labelled in front of his face reading right to left. Although I can’t read hieroglyphs I can recognise the hotep bit which is the block of three at the left, the bird & initial semicircle are the Akhty bit.

He lived during the early Old Kingdom in either late Dynasty 3 or early Dynasty 4 – about 4600 years ago, and possibly before the Great Pyramid at Giza was built (or maybe he got to see it being built!). He himself was buried in Saqqara, which isn’t that far from Giza.

Relief Depicting Akhtyhotep. From tomb of Akhty-hotep (tomb A1), Saqqara. Early Old Kingdom, late Dynasty 3 – early Dynasty 4, c. 2650-2600 BCE. Acc. No.: 57.178

It’s in the Brooklyn Museum, acc. no.: 57.178

See it on my photo site:

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