Moving statues and other artifacts from place to place in Egypt has been getting a lot of press over the last few years, as the Egyptian government open new museums and redistribute their Ancient Egyptian collection between them. But this is nothing new!

This double statue was found in Tanis – a city in the Nile Delta that doesn’t seem to’ve existed before the 19th Dynasty (c. 1300 BCE). But the statue itself dates back to the Middle Kingdom, and the reign of Amenemhat III (c. 1800 BCE).

The two figures are Amenemhat III (recognisable by his facial features, even tho rather battered) as a Nile God – bringer of fertility and food to the land. The text on it has the cartouches of the 21st Dynasty king Psusennes I (who probably installed it at Tanis, his capital).

As of 2016 it was in the Cairo Museum, acc. no.: JE18221, I don’t know if it’s been moved in the grand re-organisation.

Double Statue of Amenemhat III as a Nile God. From Tanis. Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, reign of Amenemhat III, c. 1842-1794 BCE. Acc. No.: JE18221

See it on my photo site: and there are two close up shots to the right.

Jigsaw puzzles:

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