This fine fellow (nose-less though he is) is not the jackal god you’re almost certainly thinking of. Instead of Anubis, this is Wepwawet. Here he is present in his role as a patron deity of Asyut where this statue was made.

The cartouches next to his head are those of Ramesses II and I think they are probably part of the title of the man who commissioned the statue rather than naming the king himself. The statue owner was called Siese, and he was the “Overseer of the Two Granaries of Ramesses II”.

The museum refers to it as having a “rather provincial style” and perhaps the whole piece looks a little chunky in its proportions (see the photo one to the left on my site). But personally I think it’s quite fine and I like the details like the wig curving round his jackal ears.

Statue of Wepwawet. New Kingdom, Dynasty 19, reign of Ramesses II, c.1304-1237 BCE. Acc. No.: 17.2.5

It’s now in the Met Museum, acc. no.: 17.2.5

See it on my photo site: and go one to the left for a photo of the whole thing.

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