This collection of silver objects are part of what is known as the el-Tod Treasure, which was found buried under a Middle Kingdom temple at el-Tod in 4 bronze chests labelled with the cartouche of Amenemhat II and dedicated to the god Montu. It’s now mostly in the Louvre.

Where everything came from, why it was collected together, why it was buried and who did the burying are all unknowns. But it does seem most plausible that it was a ritual deposit of items as an offering to the temple’s god that had been collected together over a long period.

It’s very unusual for Egypt because there is a lot of silver in the deposit. Silver was actually more valuable in Egypt than gold (at least for the first half of its history) because there aren’t local sources like there are for gold.

El-Tod Treasure. From a deposit in the temple foundations of the Temple of Montu at el-Tod Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, reign of Amenemhat II, c. 1919-1885 BCE. Acc. No.s: Musée du Louvre E 15144, E 15166, E 15173, E 15190, E 15195, E 15202, E 15203, E 15207

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