This shabti belonged to a man called Djehutyirdis, who was the son of Nephthysiti. He was a High Priest of Thoth (and I think his name means something like “given by Thoth”), and he lived during the 30th Dynasty (about 2400 years ago).

It’s made of faience, and it’s really finely detailed. You can see his agricultural tools, ready for use on his owner’s behalf in the Field of Reeds. He also wears a false beard like Osiris, to show his owner has successfully been reborn in the afterlife.

You can only see a little bit of the inscription on this photo, but the hieroglyphs are also very crisp and sharp. It’s a fine quality piece of work, for the burial of an important person.

Shabti of the High Priest of Thoth, Djehutyirdis, born of Nepthysiti. Presumably from Hermopolis. Late Period, Dynasty 30, reign of Nectanebo 1, c. 380–362 BCE. Acc. No.: 12.183.10

See it on my photo site: and go one to the right for a full length photo of this piece.

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