This is a model boat which was probably found in the tomb of Ukhhotep in Meir, dating to the 12th Dynasty around 4000 years ago. It apparently bears the name of Ukhhotep although it’s not visible in this photo.

It’s showing a part of a funeral – the deceased in his coffin, presumably representing Ukhhotep, is being transported by boat to his final resting place. He’s accompanied by two women mourners, representing Isis and Nephthys mourning the dead Osiris, and two priests.

I like all the little details in this scene. The canopy over the coffin has a leopard skin on top, and both priests are also wearing leopard skins (their official “uniform”). You can even see the head of the cat on the shoulder of the priest at the back of the photo.

The priest closest to us holds an incense burner, looking like a spoon on a long stick. And the priest at the rear has a scroll which has an actual offering text written on it (you can’t see it in any of my photos, but the museum has a good one).

Model Boat of Ukhhotep. Probably from the Tomb of Ukhhotep, Meir. Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, c. 1981-1802 BCE. Acc. No.: 12.183.3

It’s now in the Met Museum, acc. no. 12.183.3

See it on my photo site:

See a top down photo on the Met’s site:

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