This is a close up of the torso of a small statue of Amenhotep III. I took this photo because the detail on this piece is fantastic – I love the pleats on the clothing, and the little knotted cord that holds the fringed shawl in place.

It’s known to be Amenhotep III because his name is inscribed on it. The text associates him with the god Amun-Re, and it’s thought to’ve been made for his third heb-sed festival which was celebrated in Year 37 of his reign.

The museum says you can tell it was late in his reign because the king’s shape is “portly”. But I think it also has hints of the androgynous style of the Amarna period – that’s quite the feminine looking waist from this angle (less so in profile though).

Statuette of Amenhotep III. New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, c.1391-1353 BCE. Acc. No.: 30.8.74

It’s now in the Met Museum, acc. no.: 30.8.74

See it on my photo site: go one to the left for a full length face on photo, and one to the right for a full length profile.

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