800 years after Hatshepsut built her temple at Deir el Bahri it was still in use as a temple, and also served as the final resting place for the Priests of Montu and their families. Tabakenkhonsu was the daughter of one of these priests and was probably married to another.

Her burial was found intact in 1894-5 by the Egypt Exploration Fund’s excavation and given to the Met Museum (acc. no.: 96.4.5) in exchange for their earlier funding. This photo is a detail of the bead shroud that was sewn onto the outer wrapping of her mummy inside her coffins.

The beads are made of faience, a manufactured ceramic which was used a lot by the ancient Egyptians, and they are strung together to make a lattice. Additional decoration is worked into the basic lattice, like the Four Sons of Horus protecting her abdomen and internal organs.

You can also see at the top of the photo a winged scarab, sitting over her heart like a scarab amulet would. I’m not sure (as the museum website doesn’t discuss her mummy) whether or not she would also have had amulets inside her wrappings or if this bead net replaced those.

Bead Shroud of Tabakenkhonsu. From the pit in the Hypostyle Hall of the Hathor Shrine at the Temple of Hatshepsut, Deir el Bahri. Third Intermediate Period, Dynasty 25, c. 680-670 BCE. Acc. No.: 96.4.5

See it on my photo site: https://photos.talesfromthetwolands.org/picture.php?/1488/category/6

I’ve previously shared a photo of a mummy board belonging to Henattawy which has a representation of a bead net on it: https://talesfromthetwolands.org/2022/06/24/mummy-board-of-henettawy/

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