This is a statue of a man called Sebekemsaf, who lived around 3700 years ago during the 13th Dynasty in the Middle Kingdom. He was an important official and held an administrative office called Reporter in Thebes – which meant he proclaimed and wrote down the orders of the king.

The inscriptions on this statue include the names of his parents who are also named on other monuments in conjunction with other people. This has let Egyptologists construct a family tree for 6 generations of his family, complete with job titles or relationships for many of them.

He’s shown as a rather solid looking man – demonstrating that he’s a powerful individual, and also that he’s wealthy enough and important enough to eat well and do little exercise. The overall look of a bald man in a high waisted long kilt is a common motif for the period.

Statue of Sebekemsaf, Reporter in Thebes. From Armant. Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 13, c. 1700 BCE. Acc. No.s: Kunsthistoisches Museum Ägyptisch Sammlung INV 5051 (head) and 5801 (torso) and National Museum, Dublin 1889.503.1 (base, but this is actually a cast of it not the real thing)

It originally comes from Armant and is now mostly in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna (acc. no.s: head: 5051, torso: 5801) – the base is in the National Museum, Dublin (acc no.: 1889.503.1) and it’s a cast that’s in this photo. I saw it in the Met Museum in 2015.

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